Hey guys i kno.. it took me so long!!! and yes! I know that it is over!!! But i took pics of it when it was up! Just never got around to post about it. It was not as great as i thought! Kind of easy and boring actually… The puzzles throughout the mountain were just too easy to figure out! For members they got some pretty nice items like mountain climbing gear and some free items! But it was not as cool and challenging as it seemed! I am sorry but it wasn’t! Well let’s skip to the pics! 🙂






 This is the first room of it! It seems to be the camp. this is where a free item is and the mountain gear is!








 Here’s one of the rooms with an easy puzzle! I circled it in red.


WELL THAT’S IT FOR THE MOUNTAIN EXPEDITION!!! IT WAS EASY AND BORING AND HAD 6 ROOMS!!! 😦 let’s hope the next party cp has will kick this one’s ass! 😀




~ by lance1243 on August 21, 2010.

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