i really dont like yu gi oh YU GI OH sounds like someone puking… YUUUUU GIIIII OHHHHHHHHH lol


23 Responses to “FUNNY PICTURES!!!”

  1. commet this!

    Those are sooooo halarios dude!!!!

  3. i know right!

  4. “Yu gi oh sounds like someone puking” That is soooooooooo funny! It’s funnier than the funny pictures. Yeah I hate yu gi oh also. But the pictures are soooooo funny

  5. right wit ya brotha!!

  6. hey i like the one wit the simpsins wit the donut pin

  7. BAh humbug!

  8. Hey, sweet site see u on penguin chat some other time…

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  9. The first new one isn’t very good, but the last one is youre best so far!

  10. the ninja? yeah it came out bad

  11. that is so funny the one saying there after my lucky charms

  12. yeah

  13. cool!

  14. You got rid of the lucky charms one for that corny jet pack one???? But “lucky charms was you’re best!!

  15. You can tell that the ninja one is fake even though we know it is because there is a little of the normal beak showing.

  16. yeah and the belt sucks too

  17. Uhu


  18. Crop theese so we can see them all.


  19. Hey lance since i’m an admin would you like me to make some speically for your blog? It would take a bit, but I don’t mind

  20. ppl come to my site!


  22. Yo mike its Dom this pictures R AWSOME ESPACIALLY HOMER

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