yo homies i decided to make a seperate pokemon page! i will have all my top 5 favorites and the ones in my party! 🙂


top 5 favroties

Palkia.png PAlkiA,.. image by masterspokemon14


 giratina-origin.png giritina origin form image by Pokegal_22

rayquaza.png rayquaza image by snuffie38


i cant wait remember to get to gamestop on friday! any gamestop woo this is wat he will look like in d/p

Deoxys.gif deoxys image by spycat454



Palkia.png PAlkiA,.. image by masterspokemon14

 Cresselia.gif CreSsEliA,.. image by masterspokemon14

 Infernape.png InferNape,.. image by masterspokemon14

 Giratina.gif GiratiNa,.. image by masterspokemon14

 evee_rp.gif evee sprite image by unknown_LAX1133i hatched this evee from an egg i have leafion but i want more forms of itso i made an egg!

rayquaza.png rayquaza image by snuffie38 🙂


5 Responses to “A AWESOME POKEMON PAGE!”

  1. you do not have that version of girtina it comes out on pokemon opal

  2. i know thats not my party those r my top 5 favorite pokemon!

  3. In Diamond migrating at the Pal Park, you know how they say rare pokemon are hard to find? Yeah, I found Mewtwo in my first 5 seconds there, the first time I migrated 😛

  4. that happended to me but it was kyogre groudon raqauza mewtwo latios i found them all in the first 25 seconds one after a nother

  5. sweet

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